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3D ICC's Immersive Terf platform is part Collaboration, Part 3D Gaming.... All business!

Immersive Collaboration Delivers

     1. Unified collaboration

     2. Gaming technology

     3. 3D Virtual locations

Terf combines these three features to provide a more natural  and impactful tool. Your associates, customers, partners, colleagues live and work in the real world. Contextually accurate  locations provide critical advantage when you are delivering customer services, active training or distributed teaming support. It simply isn’t enough to screen share or little panels of video. Telepresence rooms are way too costly and frankly, their lack of mobility at your physical locations means they don't make sense for your entire enterprise or for all customer interactions. You know these aren't really working as hoped anyway.

Terf is a simple to use immersive environment, with instant live audio and video, every collaboration tool known to man, and the ability to rapidly create locations that are contextually accurate, cost effective, and highly impactful. Users become effective in 15 mins., new locations can be created in 30 seconds. You can design flow to any use, use live video thru the head of our avatars to look each other in the eyes, use the Infinite Wall that that bests even in person gatherings for seeing "all of a topic" and even roll your interaction environment around on a kart to the location you really need it. And, we will put as much of the creative control as you want into your hands. The Terf platform will quickly become where your employees, partners and customers want to meet, work and co-create.

Our customers use it to deliver client services, to help global and agile teams, to deliver on creative efforts, create distributed training/learning, provide global coaching, achieve distributed brainstorming, deliver on product design, hold Sr. Mgmt meetings and critical events, provide support... you name it.

Immersion & 3D are here, put them to work for your organization

Terf has a long and impressive platform history. It was created and is supported by collaboration and gaming experts. Think gaming environment (we know you play) built from the ground up to be a business tool. At 3D ICC, we also provide the necessary professional services to ensure our customer's harnessing of Terf is successful. You are ready for immersion because it will improve your business.

Immersive Terf is the Place to Meet Your Goals

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Favorite Customer Quotes

"... you think social media is useful, you should get a load of this stuff. We can build virtual customer branches and internal training locations that give us real advantage here..."

~VP, large Financial Institution

"In spite of being cheaper, our users like it way more..."

~SVP, Global Technology Company