Terf®. Collaborative meetings and virtual world training

 Terf® Feature Summary 

Terf® becomes easy to use within the first 15 mins for new users.  But, believe it when we say, there is more if you need it, including the ability to turn most of it off!

Easy Collaboration   

• Easy
Over 80% of our end users are non-techies, non-gamers. Everything is drag and drop, point and click. We mean it when we say on average our non-techie users are working with 15 mins of how-to. It has to be that easy.

• Live Audio & Video that moves you 
Live, embeded, spatial audio and video.  Put your video on a wall, move it with your avatar, or use the tray, live audio & video plus your view into the virtual space moves where you need it to be to meet with others, see documents, work on shared designs.

• Chat Matters
Full support of text chat: private (person to person)  & multi-point (everyone in a room)

• Share more  
Share any application with others in-world, even those running only on your desktop. Presentation sharing, plus mouse and keyboard sharing, even sharing control of your desktop application with others

• Co-create/Author  
Work live, share the mouse and keyboard controls, with others on a document or in a whiteboard, for example on PowerPoint, Word, and Excel 

• Browse Together
Share the mouse and keyboard control while your colleagues, clients and partners move about the Internet with ease


Getting More Impact  

Creative Settings
Contextually accurate or just plain beautiful settings within which to work can bring deeper, active learning, “in-situation experiences,” cozy  or highly functional settings that drive increased sharing, creativity, delivery, team building…   

 • Infinite Wall/Space
Virtual real estate is infinitely expandable.  We can help you create what you need to display your project, team work, ideas, phases…Your teams can pin up their napkin sketch next to their draft design, next to their team brainstorm, next to their detailed designs, ….Agile teams can have their swim lanes, innovation efforts can have their break outs, training efforts can create walk the wall training that can bump stadium seating and breakout rooms.  And all this can be in a contextually accurate setting such as a pharmacy or a computer room or a tree house perhaps…   

 • Micro Gaming
Often nothing is more effective than applied game tactics.   The most mundane of topics can become more remember-able and fun with the right amount of game dynamic applied.  Our Python API and our out of the box features and services make the creation of the right game dynamic really deliver.

 • Content Creation & Movie Making
Content can be extremely expensive to create when your
need to impress or train.   3D ICC and Terf® give you a cost effective creative way to create and share content and videos.  It will save you a ton of $ and your users will like it more.

Additional Top Rated Features

End User Features Creation Features Admin Features
• Drag and drop, profile & avatar controls/modifications makes collaboration tool usage easy • Over 20 meeting room templates, instantly creatable by our customers as needed • Browser UI to manage users and permissions plus in-world admin features
• Rapid adoption, low dexterity barrier. Supports movement via arrow keys, touch, mouse, ASWD, etc. • Import from Sketch up, 3D Max, Blender, and other tools, supports: Collada (.obj), SketchUp (.kmz), 3dMax (.ase) and VRML (.wrl) • Solid security record, including SSO via SAML 2.0, encrypted transport, works across most corporate firewalls; Successfully passed multiple and recent penetration tests
•  Meeting Leader mode: control audience audio video & movement • In product tool to create and manipulate 2D and 3D objects in world. • Ability to disable/enable most feature sets via user groups
• Session recording for reuse and playback • Inventory of artifacts out of the box • SharePoint Connector for content container control, Ability to add other containers via PS


Terf is extremely cost effective. For a low cost per user, you can have your entire global team collaborating or class room cooking… The annual licensing packages include the following:
  • Your own private organization hosted on the secure, shared 3D ICC Immersive Terf Platform
  • unlimited forums (immersive rooms) within the private Organization established on the Immersive Terf hosted platform
  • Nightly backups: the 3D ICC shared hosted Immersive Terf platform is backed up nightly; backups are retained on a 1 week rolling delete basis.
  • 3D ICC released updates: 3D ICC upgrades their shared servers as new feature sets are released
  • 15 out-of-the-box business and teaching room/compound templates (15 seconds to create new from these) plus the abilities to morph meeting locations to your needs
  • How-To: from basic to advanced: a 1-hour How-to training session, a private how-to center with how-to movies & ongoing tips & tricks on how to harness Terf

We provide a 50% discount for educational organizations to help children and university/college students worldwide. Additionally, many organizations and companies require dedicated servers to meet regulatory requirements and/or scale and performance goals. We offer dedicated hosting as well as VMs you can host in your own data center. You know what you want, you can build it yourself, but if you need help we are available for professional services. For more detail on pricing and packages, please use the contact us page on the website. We look forward to helping you with your goals!

Technology Support

Terf™ supports both PCs (Windows) and Apple users!
  • Windows OS: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Mac OSX 10.8.5 + (Intel Chip only)
Recommended Set Up for End Users
  • CPU with sufficient graphics support (running on a GPU card [preferred] or running in SW) to support OpenGL 2.1+
  • A minimum of 2GB of RAM (get 4 if you can!) and 100 MB + storage and sufficient disk space for content
  • Sound capabilities (recommended: headset) for VOIP; Web Camera optional
  • up-to-date graphic or OpenGL drivers. (Visit your computer manufacturers website and search for a graphics driver update for your computer model)
Networking (you gotta' connect!)
  • Broadband network connection with at least 500 Kbps bandwidth
  • Stable connection with less than 250 millisecond latency