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3D Immersive Virtual Locations for Real Work

Unlock New Dimensions of Productivity and Innovation with 3D Virtual Collaboration!

Give your team the tools it needs to succeed. Whether you are working remotely or in person your team needs the right tools to get work done as if they were all in the same room together. Virtend is not just a a video room to talk, it is a real location to work!

1. Break Free from the 2D Constraints:

Not only do we remember what we did, we also remember where we did it. Improve recall, bring back innovation and engagement, with a 3D location that allows you to work together as if you were in the same room. In Virtend you can do more than just talk!

2. Fuel Innovation and Creativity:

Innovation thrives in environments that spark creativity. 3D virtual collaboration replicates the spontaneous brainstorming, chance encounters, and serendipitous moments of an office setting. Collaborate on virtual whiteboards, manipulate 3D models, and brainstorm in a dynamic, intuitive space that fuels inspiration and innovation.

3. Enhance Productivity with Seamless Integration:

Virtend seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow tools, offering a one-stop solution for project management, file sharing, and real-time collaboration. From concept to execution, everything is streamlined within the 3D environment, enabling efficient collaboration and increasing productivity.

4. Empower Remote Teams to Feel 'In-Office' Again:

Remote work can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and detachment from the team. With 3D virtual collaboration, your team can experience the camaraderie of an office setting, fostering a strong sense of belonging and community even while working from diverse locations.

5. Real-Time Communication and Collaboration:

In our 3D virtual space, your team can communicate naturally in real-time. Use spatial audio to have side conversations, approach colleagues for quick updates, or join larger group discussions, just like in a physical office environment. This intuitive communication style leads to faster decision-making and streamlined collaboration.

6. Bridge Global Gaps, Connect Worldwide:

Break down geographical barriers and collaborate with teams or clients across the globe effortlessly. Our platform facilitates global teamwork in a virtual space, fostering a sense of togetherness regardless of physical location.

Virtend is the future of collaboration, and remote work. It is a virtual location for real work!

Old School vs 3D Immersive Collaboration in Virtend™ 

Web conferencing meeting Virtend Meeting
Old School Tools (Zoom & Teams) 3D ICC's Virtend™
Participants sit and can't move
Participants can move around
Single fixed screens of fixed size are shared at one time by one person at a time
Many screens of differing sizes can be displayed simultaneously by any participant
Contents are presented one at a time
Content can be organized in virtual bookshelves, for participants to view at their convenience
Participants are constrained in 2D
Participants are free to interact and gather as they wish
Focus on only one task, one document, one person at a time
Multiple groups can wander around, share anything, and edit anything together like a real location

Virtend™ has Everything a Modern Distributed Team Needs to Collaborate, in 3D

3D Virtual Locations for Real Work

Remote Learning - 3d Immersive

Remote Learning

Give your students a chance to immerse themselves in our 3D immersive campus and learn while having fun with Virtend's™ remote learning opportunities.

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Remote Work - 3d Immersive

Remote Work

We understand that your organization needs to be completely operational remotely. Offer your employees an immersive work environment using our vibrant 3D designs!

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Virtual Events - 3d Immersive

Virtual Events

Through Virtend™ you can generate creativity, results, and revenue directly for any online events. Create a unique experience using our virtual spaces in a safe and social way.

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3D Immersive Collaboration Corp

It’s not working from home that is difficult, it’s working remotely! That can be why you’re having trouble for reaching your goals with your team. Problem solved. Virtend™ gives you the workspace your team needs to work together in real time and stay connected with each other as much as you need. Give us a try today!

With Virtend™, you can overcome the challenges of working remotely and be more productive at the same time. With Virtend™ everyone can work anywhere.

Virtend™ puts people first


Virtend™ is a three-dimensional immersive environment, which is a virtual place where real people connect, participate and build together with a true sense of presence. Each user in your world is represented by an avatar and controls their personal experience with easy-to-use content-sharing and creation capabilities. This is why virtual environments feel similar to physical rooms. It helps to provide you context and they are always available to provide you continuity so that you can pick up right back to where you left off

Built For Real Users

Your users do not need to be expert programmers to thrive in Virtend™. We built our platform from the ground up to be a simple and easy to use collaboration platform. Like a real room the virtual rooms in Virtend are private and secure, always available, and persistent so they will only change when you change them. You can easily create new rooms for all your projects. Uploading a file from your computer and sharing documents is made easy with a simple drag and drop interface. We keep all your needs in mind when designing our 3D spaces. As a result Virtend™ is a strong but simple collaborative program for everyone to use!

Not Technical

New technology can be intimidating at first glance. Learning your way around new software isn't easy, especially when it's a powerful tool. But don't worry if you don't consider yourself a tech wizard. Our interfaces are designed to be intuitive and straightforward. It has a gradual learning curve, and anyone can get in and be productive in about 15 minutes. All the features you need are there to discover as you need them. Create you virtual rooms from one of our many pre-built templates today, then invite your colleagues in to explore your new space together!

3D Immersive
Easy Collaborations - 3d Immersive

Easy Collaborations

Virtend™ simplifies virtual collaborations by creating a 3D space designed to help you accomplish your goals. We put people first by enabling one to one interactions that 2d virtual conferences and web-conferencing meetings miss.

Work in a completely secure environment

Collaborate with your peers or students efficiently

Save your progress and resume your work when you return

Company Created Organizations
User Avatars Created
Virtual Environments Established

Case Studies

When the US ARMY Transition Assistance Program wanted to drive down the unemployment rate of returning Veterans they needed a platform that was secure, easy to use, and engaging so that soldiers from around the world could learn how to access their benefits , to translate their experience to a resume, and to show up and compete in an interview.

University of São Paulo UNIVESP university was the first all virtual university.  Find out how we supported over 3000 students signing in at one time to our 3d virtual campus.

Virtual environments make urban planning easier. Test your ideas in a 3D space and receive meaningful feedback from citizens.

Case Studies - 3D Immersive

There’s no need for clustered cubicles when you’re working with Virtend. Manage and collaborate your team across an infinite digital space with room for everyone to thrive.

Collaboration is what brings people together in a virtual work environment. Let anyone join in remotely and work from anywhere across the globe.

Increase the impact of training with game dynamics.  There is nothing like experiencing the issues and problems you may encounter on a medical drug trial like being there in a 3d world!