We are very excited to announce our new Version of Immersive Terf supports both Windows and Mac (all the way up to Big Sur) we are working to add support for the new Apple Silicon M1

The Most Engaging Collaboration Tool, Ever

3D Immersive Collaboration Consulting

3D ICC provides an integrated solution set of software, services, and subject matter expertise to deploy a Unified Collaboration environment for our customers. Immersive Terf® is the core component of this solution for building virtual locations to enable geographically distributed teams to work together as if they were co-located.

Collaboration is more than just the tools we use. It is more than real-time virtual meetings, and sharing a desktop. It is about working together; it's about synergy, co-presence, and continuity and spontaneity. It embodies all forms of dynamic communication.

Immersive Terf®

Immersive Terf® is a 3D immersive environment - a virtual place where real people meet, engage, and create together with a true sense of presence in a secure, persistent environment. Each user is represented by an avatar and controls their own experience with simple navigation and easy to use tools for content sharing and creation. Virtual locations can resemble actual physical rooms which give you context, and they are always available which give you continuity so you can pick up where you left off.

Built for real users.

Immersive Terf® is built from the ground up to be a collaboration platform. We are not a game engine trying to be something it's not. Your virtual rooms are private and secure, always available, stay the way you leave them and are yours to change however you want. Think of it like a real physical space. You can create new spaces for all your projects if you need them so you don't have to pack up and leave like a conference room. Sharing documents is easy, just drag and drop a file from your computer. Want to show a new building or chair, just drop it in. Immersive Terf is powerful collaboration software that is easy to use!

Not Technical?

You don't need any special computer skills to use Immersive Terf. Anyone can get in and be productive in minutes. Use our pre-built rooms to get working quickly. Let us show you around.

Free Trial

Let us show you around and get a free 2-week trial. Find out for yourself what Immersive Terf® can do for you!

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What Users Are Saying

  • 586

    Read about 3D ICC and Terf® in the Where Are They Now section of Gartner’s 2015 Cool Vendors in Social Media and Collaboration*.   Get the report, read what Gartner has to say about our value proposition. *Gartner, Cool Vendors in Social Software and Collaboration, 2015, Carol Rozwell, Monica Basso, Jeffrey Mann, Mike Gotta, Vishal Tripathi, […]


  • 562

    Urban planning and architecture are disciplines where constant collaboration between different actors is necessary and 3D models are used to present future development projects. The Immersive Terf enables Citizen Engagement in Urban Planning – citizens, city and profession can meet, collaborate, discuss future problems etc. in Terf. The opportunity to walk-through future city/your neighborhood before […]

    Dr. Anja Jutraž, architect/urbanist

  • 559

      At the PBL lab, we have worked with 3D ICC’s Terf for over 5 years.  Our integrated R&D and education program focuses on AEC global teamwork engaging cross-disciplinary, globally distributed architects, structural engineers, MEP, construction managers, life cycle financial managers, and clients. Our research shows that using the immersive TERF significantly impacts product quality and […]

    Dr. Renate Fruchter, Head of Stanford PBL

  • 556

    Terf is the only solution I’ve seen that gives an agile team a persistent virtual workspace while supporting collaboration with fidelity and immediacy approaching fact-to-face interaction.

    Dale Schumacher, CTO curenci

  • 554

    The University of Sao Paulo and the Virtual University of Sao Paulo have adopted Terf as a main platform for its innovative curriculum based on Problem and Project-Based Learning courses, understanding that its characteristics fits perfectly to use of active learning methods. The use of TERF for over 3.000 students simultaneously was a big challenge that […]

    Prof. Ulisses Araujo / University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

  • 76

    3D ICC’s Terf has been a vital part of the solution we provide for the Soldier For Life (ACAP) training program for the US Army for over 5 years.  Terf ensures the US Army can offer this training anywhere around the world and makes it engaging.  3D ICC is a great partner!

    Anthony Castaneda, Three Wire Systems