Adding Video to Immersive Terf

Adding Video to Immersive Terf ®

Videos added to Immersive Terf® are just dropped in like any other content you want to share.  Drag the video from your desktop and drop it on the panel you want to display your video.  

The video must meet the following specifications to upload correctly.

  • Encoded with H264 (.m4v Ipod format) AAC
  • Have a resolution less than 600 x 400
  • Have a total bit rate less than 600 

Videos require the highest bandwidth of most anything you can do in Immersive Terf.  A total bit rate of 600 or less is low enough for most users.  Do not run multiple videos at the same time unless you know your users all have sufficient bandwidth to handle it.  Contact us to request that the video rates and resolution be raised for your organization if you require higher quality videos.

The video is streamed to users.  This means that users are not required to download the entire video to begin watching it.  Uploading the video will take some time but watching it is fast.

There are a number of tools you can find on the internet that can be used to convert videos to the proper format and resolution.  Since the audio plays from a single location you can also save bandwidth by selecting Mono instead of Stereo when converting.  

Contact us if you need help converting your video to run in Immersive Terf®.

There is another way to watch a video in Immersive Terf®.  This is very useful if you don’t have usages rights to something like a YouTube video.  The application Launch Browser from Sign allows you to add a URL for example (  as the content of a sign in Immersive Terf®. Run the Launch Browser from Sign application and it will read all the signs in your location looking for valid URLs and whenever anyone clicks on that sign (with the URL) the users’ browser will open up on their computer to that URL.  You can also drop an image onto the sign to make it looks like whatever you want.  That way you can make your sign look like a movie poster and when the user clicks the poster the video opens up.  

Running videos in Immersive Terf® is a much more immersive experience for users than sending them to a browser to watch content. We recommend using our meeting tools and having users raise their hand when they get done watching the video so that you know everyone is done.  

If you need help with video conversion or setting up Launch Browser from Sign please feel free to contact us!