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  • Customer Service: VA 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Infinite Teams- Infinite Walls

  • 3,500 Students at Brazil’s First 100% Virtual University

  • Global Thinking – Terf’s Global Glue

  • Urban Planning & Virtual BIM

  • Games Teach Doctors

Infinite Walls – Infinite Team

Goal: Accelerate Design on SW UX and Packaging



Terf® Delivers

Instant Team Rooms & Design Galleries

  • img4Easy to use (point, click, drag, drop) with a “single place for truth” à keeps sync possible for increased team engagement (eye-2-eye and co-author design)
  • Terf walls provided infinite design and UX tracking – ability to maintain more than one design path
  • Enabled critical “why vs. why not”” clarity – Accelerated delivery & rapid onboarding for new team members
  • Terf® wall visuals + Terf® collaboration tools delivered more engaged team: Coaches, Designers, SW Engineers and QA
  • Eases time zone issues: use it together and on their own for work
  • Ability to work together with any tool, while talking and seeing each other and the other critical data
  • New team rooms from templates in 30 seconds with access controls if needed

Specific Customer’s Main Issues

  1. img5Co-location for experts & teams – not co-located/ different time zones
  2. Maintaining continuity and “design decision memory” – limited physical rooms, associate turnover
  3. Complexity of designing for multiple form factors: Web, Android, iPhone, Surface, kiosks…
  4. Inadequate communication / collaboration – being out of sync can lead to non-optimal UX / packaging
  5. Easy to be out of sync and being out of sync can be extremely costly and impact schedules