Capabilities Statement

3D ICC provides an integrated solution set of software, services, and subject matter expertise to deploy a Unified Collaboration environment for our customers.

Virtend™ is the core component of this solution for building virtual locations to enable geographically distributed teams to work together as if co-located. It allows you to create a collaboration space that suits how you are working at the moment. It is easy to add display panels, furniture, 3D models, and so on to create a space that meets a group’s immediate and ongoing needs.

Collaboration is more than just the tools we use. It is more than real-time virtual meetings and sharing a desktop. It is about working together; it’s about synergy, co-presence, and continuity, and spontaneity.


3D Immersive Collaboration Consulting (3D ICC) is a small disadvantaged business founded in 2011, based out of
Westminster, MD.

DUNS: 079904635  CAGE: 84GF3

– 511210 Software Publishers
– 518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and related Services
– 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services


➢ Virtend™ Software Licenses & Support
➢ Hosting Services
➢ Security Consulting
➢ Training Services
➢ Custom Design & Process Implementation
➢ Software Development


3D ICC customers represent a variety of markets around the
world and include government contractors and agencies,
educational institutions, corporations, and more.
Government organizations include:

• U.S. Army SFL-TAP (24/7 Virtual Center)
• U.S. Air Force MyBase
• U.S. Navy NUWC & NSWC
• Department of State Cyber Security Training
• USDA (various)
• Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security
• Federal Reserve Bank New York (collaboration)


Virtend™ is a 3D immersive environment – a virtual place where real people meet, engage, and create together
with a true sense of presence in a secure, persistent

Context – 3D customizable meeting rooms give you a
place for all your drag and drop content from
presentations to videos.

o Multiple users, multiple activities in the same
room at the same time
o Each person controls their own experience
o Users can actually see who is in the room with
them and what everyone is doing
o High quality true full-duplex audio for natural
conversation flow
o Anyone can display their webcam on their avatar or on a display panel

Continuity – Always on, always available, provides
continuity and spontaneity Virtend™ is one of the most dynamic Unified Collaboration environments on the market!

Symmetrical Sharing – Desktop app sharing is symmetric. Most common collaboration tools allow users to share one window between them.  In Virtend™ any user can share as many app windows from their desktop as they like, each in its own display panel.