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  • Customer Service: VA 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Infinite Teams- Infinite Walls

  • 3,500 Students at Brazil’s First 100% Virtual University

  • Global Thinking – Terf® Global Glue

  • Urban Planning & Virtual BIM

  • Games Teach Doctors

Global Urban Planning & Virtual BIM

Goal: Reducing costs and increasing engagement in the Architecture and Construction Industry

A Global Dilemma

  1. img8Millions can be lost due to coordination failures on large construction projects with different stakeholders are required at different times
  2. Gaining engagement and buy-in from Citizens in planning Is difficult and critical for on budget, on time construction projects; this inclusion can reduce costs.
  3. In-person Planning meetings cannot deliver high % participation for the citizens or keep citizens aware of construction progress, road changes, and other critical topics is key to success and safety.
  4. It is not possible to “experience” the architecture via a 2D drawings, presentations or miniature models, which can be very costly and are not easily modifiable – this goes for owners, construction professionals and the Citizens too!

Terf® – Improving Urban Planning and Construction

  • img9AEC professionals have vital collaboration spaces in virtual BIM rooms where they can work together on plans, schedules and more
  • New ways to work on changes and adjustments – Owners, public servants, and AEC professionals can walk through the architecture and plans discussing changes and goals
  • When opened to the Citizens – Terf puts the neighbors back into neighborhood design by enabling virtual town hall meetings or public walk through of their future neighborhoods
  • Terf enables new levels of engagement to maintaining properties over time, promoting lean and green property management and issue awareness.