Immersive Terf® is your virtual place for real training, education, collaboration and more!

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  • Customer Service: VA 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Infinite Teams- Infinite Walls

  • 3,500 Students at Brazil’s First 100% Virtual University

  • Global Thinking – Terf® Global Glue

  • Urban Planning & Virtual BIM

  • Games Teach Doctors

Customer Impact!

Our customers’ use cases are all unique and critical to their operations and services. These use cases tend to fall into several main categories that are Training, Teaming, and Events.

Global Teams

  • globalShared, Touchable, Even Rolling VTC/Telepresence Endpoints
  • Agile, Lean, Emergency, and Red Teams
  • Projects Teams, Lean Project Management
  • Crisis Teams, Issue Analysis, DR
  • HR On boarding, IT Centers, Service Centers
  • Creative design, marketing
  • SW Dev & IT troubleshooting,


  • trainiglistSelf-paced, self-guided and module training
  • Interactive group breakouts/learning
  • Stadium/Classroom lecture style classes
  • Contextually accurate (e.g., clinic, engine room, hotel settings, future locations …)
  • Training content creation such as movies, animated objects, interactive micro-games

Strategic Delivery

  • strategyHigh touch, low cost customer support/meetings
  • Globally Distributed Brainstorming & Ideation
  • Global Meetings & Town Halls
  • Virtual Conferences
  • …you name it…

We hope this description and our use cases spark innovative ideas for your organization, even a desire to copy our creative customers! Terf® provides the tools you need and is rapidly extensible. Talk to us about what you need to deliver and we’ll help make it happen!