Doors and Entering Terf Rooms/Forums

If your wondering…”How do I get from this Terf room to another Terf room, do I use a door, my arrow keys, how do I do that again …” this blog entry is for you 😉

Like most services in Terf, moving from Room/Forum to Room/Forum  in Terf has several methods.  This is by design to allow the end user experience to rule the day.  If your users should use doors, great, we have them, if you want your users to teleport (Beam Me Up Scotty), we have that in several ways here too.

Here are 5 ways:

Way 1: Click the Center of the Door

  1. Look around, find the door you want to walk thru and mouse over the door to get that upside-down yellow triangle, click that to get you close to the door (if your standing right next to the door, feel free to skip that part 😉
  2. Once in front of the door, click the center of the door and you will walk thru it (give the new room a sec to unpack)  (NOT THE DOOR KNOB, that closes or opens the door; NOT THE DOOR FRAME, that isn’t the door, its wood or metal folks! 😉

 Result: Your avatar will be standing, back to the other side of the door in the newly entered room.  (Reminder: doors can be 1 way or 2 way and all that game flow dynamic stuff we do 😉

Way 2: Walk Thur the Door

  1. Again, get close to the door if needed.
  2. If you have already been in and out of that door a few times, chances are you can use your arrow keys or the other ways to move your Avatar and just walk thru that door now.

 Result: Your avatar will be standing, back to the other side of the door in the newly entered room.

Sorry to spill the beans, but these aren’t real rooms, I know, I know!  Your devastated.  What we are doing when you click on the door if you haven’t been in that room for some time is talking to your Graphics Drivers and giving it all the objects and their coordinates, etc. so it can unpack it and get it ready for you.  Soooo, if you’ve been in that room just recently, it might still be in your computer’s memory.  You might be able to just use your arrow keys and walk right thru that door like a proper avatar!  It is fun, try it.

Most users just get in the habit of clicking in the middle of doors to go thru them.

Way 3: Use Forums Menu at the top of your client

  1. Right, so use the forum menu at the top,
  2. Pick the forum and enter

Result: this will set you at the Home position in the forum you select

Way 4: Teleport To (Beam me Up TO Scotty!)

  1. Use the People menu
  2. Right mouse on the name of a user in the room/forum you want to enter on the list (Mac: control click)
  3. Select Go To

Result: This will teleport you directly in front of that person you selected, and if they are in a different forum, it will take you there, to them…

Way 5: Teleport Sign (Beam me to this coordinate Scotty!)

This one takes some doing.  A smart Terf forum creative smarty-pants makes a sign that has a landing, landmark that is in another Terf Room/Forum.

  1. You find the sign you want to click
  2. Just click the sign

Result: You are teleported into the new forum directly to the landmark they placed.

This trick is used all the time to control end user flow and to provide specific experiences.  If you’re a little handy with Terf you can put the user right in a seat or near a topic board, or movie, etc. with this one.

There are more but you get the picture we hope!  Happy travels!