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Version 1.8.21

Virtend™ requires an account to work. 

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OS Versions supported: Windows 10 or greater and MacOS 10.14* or greater (ARM or 2012 or later Intel processors)

*Virtend will run on MacOS 10.13 with 2012 or later Intel CPUs but it is an unsupported configuration.

3D Immersive Collaboration Corp is pleased to provide your collaboration environment Virtend™. We are committed to ensuring that you get the most outstanding possible value from your new software.

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Release Notes:

  1. Fix Python API on MacOS

1. Fix occasional start up crashes for MacOS because of stack memory issues
2. Fix sound for Session Recording
3. Fix freeze caused by portable objects
4. Add ability to change portable object drag orientation
5. Fix 3d Object import issues caused by missing files or path issues
6. Allow posters to be added to groups

1. Stability improvements for Mac M1 including fixing crashes on Avatar Join
2. Fixes for crashes in Echo Cancellation (Older CPUs)
3. Fix for MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra, High Sierra is not official supported but it will run 2012 models or later that support Metal)