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How can a low vision person function in a virtual world?

 Technology can be good for some and not so good for others. We have tried to build our system will all the tools you will need to collaborate including adding accessibility features to Virtend™.
Accessibility is more that a check box, it is the way that our users contribute, work to together, and thrive, in an environment that treats everyone equally. 
Virtend™ is a safe place that provides less distraction and more support for people with autism or Asperger’s.  Working together, being productive, and allowing everyone to contribute is our goal. 

Virtend™ works with screen readers NVDA/JAWS to provide the following features.

  • Audible Menus
  • Customizable Short Cut Menu Keys
  • Audible Text Messages (send/receive)
  • Audible browse Landmarks
  • Audible personal messages for Landmarks
  • Audible browse People list
  • Activate documents to be read by screen reader
  • Activate video key
  • Screen reader magnifying glass

These features allow low vision users to explore and collaborate with others in the Virtend™ virtual spaces. Space creators can add special personal audio messages for low vision users that play when they arrive at a landmark. This allows low vision users to explore the virtual space on their own.  They can launch and read shared documents, and listen to media files in world. They can also send and receive audible text messages and access all of the menus using audible prompts and short cut keys.

Our accessibility features were written in 2015.  We are working to update our system for our newest release of Virtend™, if your group is interested in helping or testing our features please let us know.  

Click here to view our VPAT1.6

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