Managing Noisy Users in Terf®

We all want engaged people in our meetings and classes, but sometimes, you need a way to control a noisy audience.   Same thing in Terf®.  When the request to use push-to-talk is forgotten or they don’t want to have to hit the control button….

Terf® Meeting Tools to the rescue! 

If you have them, here is how to use them.

First,  become the meeting leader: Click the Meeting menu, under that, click Lead Meeting (see below).   Now you can select from various controls.  Usually only teachers, professors or meeting owners have this menu.

You can tell you are the meeting leader by looking at the people list (upper right) shows an ‘L’ after your screen name on the list (see below).


To restrict the use of voice or audio by all other users than yourself, after you are the meeting leader, use Meeting –> Restrict Voice Chat (see below).

At this point, only the Meeting Leader can speak.

If the other users or students wish to speak or ask a question, they can raise their hand, which is an icon on the bottom of the screen that looks like a hand.  If they click that, then you will see a hand raised next to their name (see below).

To allow just that one user to speak, right click on their name and select un-mute (see below).

The specific un-muted user can speak now and so can the meeting leader.  No one else can speak into the room.

To take all users off mute, go back to open speaking among all users, the meeting leader must click the top Meeting menu and click to uncheck the Restrict Voice Chat.

If you wish to mute a specific user, not all users in the room:

  1. Use Meeting and become the meeting Leader
  2. Right mouse on the user’s name in the people list (upper right)
  3. select Turn Off Voice (see below)

Now this user cannot speak in the room.   Why would you do this? Perhaps they are disrupting a meeting because they left their mic open but went out of the room, or took a call and don’t realize they are still speaking into the room.

Taking them off mute is as you might expect, right mouse on their name again and click Un-Mute (see below).

Meeting Leaders can pass leadership to others who are authorized to use the Meeting menu and to those who are not.  If you are working with a colleague who also has Lead Meeting capability, they can take over leading the meeting.  Here is how it looks when someone else is leading the meeting (see below).  If you click on Take Over From … you will become the leader.

There are many other great tools in the Lead Meeting Set, including the ability to make all users follow you on a tour, restrict movement, ask everyone in the room a question (Tally a Question).  This is a favorite tool set for professors and teachers.  Get to know this tools set, it will be a big help when your users or students are noisy, don’t use push-to-talk, but for so much more.