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Mobility and the Client

I put Terf™ on my new Surface Pro from Microsoft today.  The team here didn’t do anything for me, I just loaded the client and it worked.  Period.  That was easy.

And, its not the top of the line Surface either, its the middle of the road.  And it zooms, I can do everything in here from create locations to embedded video to 3D… and of course used touch, since Terf™ is touch enabled too.

Anyway, I reminded of all those years of discussing (errr arguing) thin and zero client vs. thick/heavy client.  It is somewhat amusing to think about how many years the zealots (I was one) pushed browser only deployments of tools and now the mobile devices, especially smart phones and their app stores have in their decomposition of applications, swung the pendulum back again from light client to heavy, installed client. So, just they are little tiny clients now.

As we get ready to deliver on smart phones this amazing immersive collaboration, I find that thought of no client kind of silly, why not use the full power of the device in your hands in a native way, do a single install.  Funny how even in tech. stuff comes and goes and in the end, its what works best. So, everything is a hybrid!  Makes it all interesting.

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