Noisy Meetings – Use Push to Talk

Terf™ has great echo cancellation for PCs and Mac users but microphones even on basic computers today are so good that they pick up too much noise.  Get a headset with a microphone!!

1st: get a headset with a microphone! (did I mention… get a headset!)

2nd: even with a head set, but especially if you do not have one, use Push to Talk mode.

What is Push to Talk mode?  It is a mode that requires you to push and hold down a key (for the PC – Ctrl; for the Mac – apple control) .  This ensures your “heavy breathing” won’t disturb the rest of your fellow users in your forum.

So, unless you are the main speaker at the moment at a meeting, use Push to Talk

The fastest way to get into Push to Talk Mode: look at the bottom of your screen PC right mouse on the microphone and select Push to Talk, see below:

You will know you are in Push to Talk mode if you microphone on the bottom of the screen looks like this:

Now to speak into the Terf™room, while in Push to Talk mode all you need to do to be heard is to  hold down the control key while speaking

Remember, if you have clicked on something outside Terf™, for example to work on your document on your own computer, not within Terf™, make sure to click inside Terf™ once before pressing the Ctrl key or Terf™won’t know you are giving it a command.

If you do not have a head set, please use Push to Talk mode for the sake of all the other users and they should do the same for you.  Even if you do have a headset, use it.

No one wants to hear your dogs or your breathing in an important class or meeting! 😉

By the Way:

Many users think they are set properly for their headsets in Terf™ but are not.  This is very easy to check.   Use the upper menus, Tools –> Sound and the drop downs next to the Microphone and the Speaker topics to be SURE you are on headsets.  This is by far the #1 sound issue for Terf™ always and is so easy to avoid.