Product Details

Virtend™ Feature Summary

Virtend™ becomes easy to use within the first 15 mins for new users.  You can use prebuilt rooms and get working right away.  Need more advanced features, like meeting tools, user polls, you will find them all here.

Virtend™ Feature Summary

• Easy
Over 80% of our users are non-techies, non-gamers. It is drag, drop, point, click and touch for everything.


 Live Audio & Video that moves you
Share live or streaming audio and video. Put it on the wall for all to see and move it with you as you work with others, see documents, work on shared designs.

 Chat Matters
Private (person to person) & multi-point (everyone in a room).

• Runs Anywhere
PC & Mac.

• Share more
Most common collaboration tools allow users to share one window between them.  In Virtend any user can share as many app windows from their desktop as they like, each in its own display panel. 

• Co-create/Author
Co-editing is easy as drag and drop.  Just drop you document in Virtend™ and get to work. Everyone can work on one or more documents or in a whiteboard at the same time, for example on PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

• Browse Together
Use the built-in web browser inside Immersive Virtend™ to browse the internet using shared mouse and keyboard.

Work Where You Should

  • Reflect real work & learning locations

Meet, train in, “walk thru” areas that make sense.  Location reflection in weeks, not years. Offices, training centers are branded to reflect your logos and layouts, your customers’ locations.

Virtend™ works with a variety of 3d formats.  Just drag and drop your models in to create realistic locations that match reality or create models using most 3d creation software.

  • Together is powerful!

Adding reflective locations to work or learning together creates both enhanced engagement and the experience of being together.


  • Content Creation & Movie Making
    Content can be extremely expensive to create when your need to impress or train.   3D ICC and Virtend™ deliver a cost effective creative way to create and share content and videos.  Creating detailed videos is much easier in Virtend than filming in real life.
  • Business Focused
    Meet, train in, “walk thru” areas that make sense. This all adds up to the experience of being together. Virtend™ has a lot of purpose built templates you can use right out of the box or we can help you create new  locations that suit your needs your in weeks, not years including offices, team rooms, and training centers. All are easy to brand to reflect your logos, your layouts, your locations.  All the tools we use are available to you so we can also show you how to build your space on your own.  Create, modify, innovate your space the way you want it while you use it!
  • Creative settings bring back innovation
    Contextually accurate or just plain beautiful settings can bring deeper, active learning, “in-situation experiences,” cozy or highly functional settings that drive increased sharing, creativity, delivery, and team building. The collaborative setting puts people back into the center of your meetings, builds trust, and brings back innovation lost from remote work and 2d meetings.

  • Micro Gaming Creates Learning
    We learn by doing and we remember not only what we learned but where we learned it. This spatial memory along with the ability to customize your learning space and put your content in context.  Virtend allows you to build dynamic and engaging learning environments.  Adding micro-gaming, along with team projects and challenges can help to build relationships that foster creativity and enhance learning. 

    Our Python API features and simple to use 3d scripting programs allow you to create of the right game dynamics in your 3d environment.

Getting More Impact

 • Engaging & Innovative Virtend is making education/training/meetings more engaging, interactive, and accessible around the world. It is the enabling technology that puts people back in the same room together, no matter where their feet hit the ground. Our virtual locations are real places to meet, teach, and discuss, where people actively learn and collaborate. Log in from anywhere at any time – it’s always on, and always available. Meet up with your group, meet one-on-one for a mentoring session, or step into the lecture hall for class, and be co-located with others from around the world! engage  • Infinite Wall/Space Virtual real estate is infinitely expandable.  We can help you create what you need to display your project, team work, and ideas. Capture all phases of your project from brain-storming, to design, review and final versions. Organize all your content anywhere in the room. Using spatial memory you will quickly acclimate to your virtual room and all your content as if it were a real room. it is like moving into a conference room, taking over the walls and never having to move out again. Virtend supports all sorts of methodology.  Agile teams can have their swim lanes, innovation efforts can have their buzz groups, training efforts can create walk the wall training.
trainig• Training & Meetings New ways to work together that removes the distance in meetings, teaming, brainstorming, training, analysis, big data room.  

Immersive Virtend™ Technological Specifications


Virtend™ supports both Windows and Macintosh Computers users

  • Windows OS: Win10+
  • Mac OSX 10.13+ (Intel 2012+ and M1)

Recommended Set Up for End Users

  • CPU with sufficient graphics support (GPU card preferred) to support MacOS Metal, Windows Vulkan (1.0) or Direct X (12.0). 
  • A minimum of 4GB of RAM and 100 MB + storage and sufficient disk space for content
  • Sound capabilities (recommended: USB headset) for VOIP; Web Camera optional
  • Up-to-date graphic drivers. (Visit your computer manufacturers website and search for a graphics driver update for your computer model)


  • Broadband network connection with at least 1 Mbps bandwidth
  • Stable connection with less than 250-millisecond latency to our servers

Virtend™ Security& Enterprise Stance

  • Encrypted transport
  • Traverses most Firewalls out of box
  • SAML / AD ready for SSO
  • Multi-layered access controls with multi-tenant organization support
  • Web Admin and in Virtend™ admin
  • Room level locking
  • Named Permission Groups
  • Fully customizable menus
  • Hidden rooms
  • Full Logging and Backup support
  • Auto provisioning and fail-over designed architecture
  • Expansive Python API for features extensions
  • Create new locations for use in 30 seconds plus the abilities to morph meeting locations to your needs
  • Recover older versions of rooms
  • Detailed privacy policy with support for GDPR including DPO agreements supporting standard contract clauses.
  • Full disaster recovery process
  • Cyber policy and procedures 
  • Hosted in secure certified data centers, or available to install in your own data center.

Virtend™ Technological Specifications

Licensing Virtend™
At 3D ICC we are committed to delivering the package our customers require.

3D ICC gifts a substantial discount to educational organizations to help children and university/college students worldwide.

Typical Deployments Include:

  • 1 or more private organizations
  • Unlimited forums/locations within private organizations
  • Nightly backups: with 2 week rolling delete basis
  • 3D ICC released updates/upgrades
  • 25+ out-of-the-box business and teaching room/compound templates
  • How-To Reception with movies and training materials

Virtend™ Licensing Options:

  • Secure Shared Hosting, Secure Dedicated Hosting, or Host in your data center using our Virtual Servers (OVA format).
  • Names Seats, Re-assignable seats, 1-time seat packs

3D ICC and Virtend™ are certified for AWS GovCloud Hosting

Minimum Licensing Pkg: 
6 months, 1 Private Org on Shared Hosted Virtend™ Server for 15 users.
Over 35 users, servers are required at extra licensing prices.

Actual Pricing Varies by our customer’s needs:

  • Peak users within single rooms
  • Peak users across the entire Virtend™ cloud

For detail on license and professional services packages and pricing, contact us. We look forward to helping your organization with its goals!