Remote Learning

The future of Remote Education is here and it’s within your reach!

Give your students a chance to immerse themselves in our 3D immersive campus and learn while having fun with Virtend’s™ remote learning virtual locations.

Experience An Instructional Universe That Is Both Engaging And Socially Connected

Many students haven’t yet adjusted to attending online classes; virtual spaces can give them a sense of physical space. Put the focus back on collaboration and team work instead of just lecturing. Educational institutions can now create their individual digital campuses to engage learners, support professors, and revitalize education.

Virtual Learning Environments And Dynamic Courses Structures Address The Problem Of Distant Learning

Boost Student Participation And Involvement

Students and professors in online classes can operate as avatars for interactive experiences. You can easily add your content into our virtual locations with a simple drag and drop.  Place your content in context anywhere in the room to build your own learning place.  Add interactive experiences and game dynamics to improve retention. A 3D environment allows students to interact.  It builds trust and spurs innovation. 

Assist Students In Making Friends And Socialize With Faculty

Making new friends is among the most essential aspects of education for young pupils. Virtend puts the focus back on students.  It helps to get students active and engaged, talking about and exploring topics, and asking questions. Virtend™ allows people to connect and create meaningful friendships. 

Working in groups even in a large class can be difficult to manage in a 2D web conference like platform.  Using our sound regions faculty can see what everyone is doing.  They can easily walk into a region to join the conversation make sure everyone is on track, and answer any questions.    

Promote Inclusion In Online Schools

With Virtend’s™ 3D virtual rooms everyone is present and represented equally, regardless of race, gender or ability.  That sense of presence and agency can help students, including disabled students (Click here for our 508 VPAT) thrive.  Our safe comfortable environment is great for counseling, problem resolution, and inclusion.

Improve Attendance & Engagement In Courses

Instructors can show documents, play pre-recorded videos, share their webcam, drop links or files, and change the look of the room. It won’t feel like the instructor is talking at the students, but engaging in conversation instead.

Experience An Instructional Universe - Remote Learning

Give Your Faculty the Features They Need

Customizable Classrooms and Campuses

Create your own classrooms or start with a pre-built one. You may design 3D surroundings using Virtend™ to represent the vision you have for your campus. Tailor how the classes look and replace visual elements with ease.

Consequently, Virtend™ allows you to create a collaboration space that suits how you are working in the moment.  It is easy to add display panels, furniture, 3D models, and so on, to create a space that meets a group’s immediate and ongoing needs. You can change anything even when there are people in the room.

Webcam and Screen Sharing

Participants can broadcast themselves through their webcams, or let their avatars take the stage. We are prepared for any event and any style you will prefer. Anyone can display their webcam on their avatar or on a display panel. 

Similarly, most common collaboration tools only allow users to share one window between them.  In Virtend™ any user can share as many app windows from their desktop as they like, each in its own display panel.

High Capacity Servers

Having underlying infrastructure designed to scale, thousands of attendees, customers, or guests could be on-site at the same time without any noticeable slowdown in the virtual world.

Spatialized Conversations

Full duplex audio (multiple people talking at the same time is not a problem) and echo cancelation provide a seamless audio experience for participants.  Avatars are spatialized in your virtual environment so you can tell where someone is when they talk. 

You can setup your rooms with multiple sound regions making it easy to create break out rooms you can use by simply walk into the area. You can also use our social sound regions to support lots of one on one conversations in a single area.  With our social sound regions as you get closer users their audio gets louder.  

Above all, our excellent sound features give you everything you need to allow individuals to shine and participate equally even in a large group of people.

Presentation Tools Everyone Knows

Students can present brilliant ideas or focus on solving issues utilizing PowerPoint, the internet, display-sharing, pointers, whiteboards, and other tools. We have every presentation tool a teacher may need.

Lessons That Leave An Impact

Your faculty will have everything they would need to produce engaging, interactive presentations which get the message through. Boost retention with the best tools available.

  • Slideshows, documents, and media can be presented
  • Share your work or camera with others
  • Sticky notes and interactive whiteboards
  • Every application that runs on your computer can be shown in Virtend™

Make Learning Collaborative And Engaging

Having fun while learning has never been easier than with Virtend™. Our environment is comfortable, engaging, fun and feature rich. Bring your students into 3D today!

Customize Interactive Educational Spaces

Individualized Rooms

Creating rooms in Virtend™ is quick and easy.  You can use one of our many templates.  Just open a Template and save to make it available for everyone. Add your content, setup the room the way you want it and you can save it as your own template to use again later.  Create as many rooms as you need, project rooms, class rooms, meeting rooms, lecture hall, what ever you need. Those rooms are persistent just because you leave the room doesn’t mean it goes away.  The rooms stay the way you leave them and are open and available anytime. We also have powerful features to recover older versions of classrooms which are backed up every 5 minutes. 

You have everything you need with Virtend™!