Remote Work

Work From Home In A Virtual, Interactive Space!

Make remote work productive again using our immersive 3D experience designed to help you work.

Virtual World For An Interconnected Work Culture

Working from home is the new normal, and it has been for quite a while now. If you are missing real spaces dedicated to helping you work, Virtend™ can give you access to an immersive digital work environment. Here you can collaborate and get your work done without the distractions of home life!

Virtend PRomo

Provide An Accessible, Distraction-Free Space For Clients And Employees Where Creativity May Thrive

Make Work Fun And Profitable

Work is fantastic when you can actually focus and accomplish them. Yet working from home can be an isolating experience. Interact with your co-workers and gamify your workspace as a personal place on Virtend™!

Fall In Love With A Remote Work Culture

Getting to know your colleagues is hard to do while working from home. Virtend™ makes it easy to collaborate with your coworkers and start a personal dialogue.

Encourage Remote Teams To Collaborate

In a virtual workplace, discover the perfect balance for working remotely. In the same environment, have conferences or organize projects. Visit the IT department, HR, finance, or just about any department.

Help Optimize The Long-Term Viability Of Your Business

Having cyber-campuses or digital workplaces could reduce the need for commercial property leases and corporate travel. Renting a new workspace is expensive and takes time, but Virtend™ expands without any lag whenever businesses develop.

Just About All The Tools That Corporate Staff Requires To Succeed

Rooms That Can Be Customized

Having cyber-campuses or digital workplaces could reduce the need for commercial property leases and corporate travel. Renting a new workspace is expensive and takes time, but Virtend™ expands without any lag whenever businesses develop.

Privacy At The Highest Level

Your data is safe with us. We don’t record any discussions, and we check our systems for security and integrity compliance on a routine basis. We regard your data security to be really important.

Flexibility Capacity

Having underlying infrastructure designed to scale, thousands of companies, customers, or guests could be on-site at the same time without any noticeable slowdown in the physical world.

Spatialized Conversations

Conversations don’t sound the same from a distance in real life. When you wander about, Spatialized Voice Speech grows softer or stronger, much as in reality, enabling you to have countless distinct discussions within every region without any overlap.

Presentation Tools You’ve Already Mastered

Present brilliant ideas or focus on solving issues utilizing presentations, slide-shows, documents, spreadsheets, the internet, display-sharing, pointers, whiteboards, and other tools.

Individual Conversations

Do you need some privacy when you talk or want to focus on what one person is saying? If it gets too loud for you, you may switch on personal audio regions as talks progress to encourage guest connection and networking.

Avatars Perfect For You

Build your perfect avatar or personalized alter ego by choosing from a variety of outfits, hairstyles, body types, and other features. It’s ideal for fostering successful partnerships and fostering creative thinking.

Conferences That Leave An Impact

Your staff will have everything they would need to produce engaging, interactive presentations which get the message through.

  • Slideshows, documents, and media can be presented
  • Share your work or camera with others
  • Sticky notes and interactive whiteboards
  • Every application that runs on your computer can be shown.

Exhibit Your Authentic Self

Customize your avatar to match your true self. Avatars can demonstrate actual diversity and individuality with a swift change of clothing and hairdo, as well as a fluidly animated and emotive gesture.

Gamified Workplace

Getting your work done doesn’t have to be a chore with Virtend™. Gamify your workplace and find the joy in getting your tasks done in a 3D virtual environment. Have fun while you work and collaborate.

Design Your Dream Workplace

Office Room

Dedicated rooms for seminars or personnel. You can reuse the room after you are done or create a new room from scratch.


3D interactive environments give new dimensions to online boardrooms and meetings. Professional conferences, large gatherings, and seminars are all possible in virtual rooms.


Not every platform can boast about how much traffic it can handle. Major lectures, guest lectures, and entertainment are all available on Virtend™, our platform can host countless participants with no decrease in speed.

Open Campus

Feeling the need to go outside? A virtual outdoor space for people to wander, converse, have activities, and socialize.

Exhibit Hall

Online events can be made fun and interactive using Virtend™. A big event facility featuring hundreds or thousands of booths and meeting rooms.

Venue For Entertainment

Virtend™ is ideal for hosting online gatherings, whether it is for work, networking, or entertainment. It is ideal for gatherings such as concerts, networking, and social events, among other things.