Setting & Trouble Shooting Your Sound

Setting sound in world is perhaps the most critical of skills to have.  You can always use chat for a few, but wow, what is the point of an immersive env if you can’t use the 3D sound, eh?

For most of our customers we provide in world videos on how to do this.  If you don’t have one in one of your forums, just get in touch via and ask for it.

Here is how you do it:

1. Motherhood: you do have your sound turned on and up on your computer, right?   Sometimes they are plugged in but not selected on the computer and sometimes… you disable things…Don’t laugh, I’ve done it too many times! Make sure you can hear through those headsets and mics.


2. In Terf sound : In the top menus, click Tools and go to the bottom and click sound

3. In Terf volume for mic and speakers:

Once you get to the sound pop up menu make sure you pick the right device for your headset and your mic.


Notice the little down arrow for speakers and for mics.  Just hit it and select the device you want to use.

Sometimes if you plug in your head set after you boot your computer or start Terf, your computer might have issues.  Just restart or reboot with it plugged in and you should be fine.

Then see those sliders?  Make sure you have them turned up at least 1/2 way for the input and out put level, but not too far on the noise filtering or you will sound tinny to others

Then just hit done and your sound should be set.


4. Speaking Etiquet: Leaving your mic off while you are not speaking is In-world edicate.

But….  you have to have your mic on.  🙂  If you have met with you, chances are you have heard me say to some one “you are on push to talk, we can’t hear you if you are speaking”

If you want to be heard, you need to either open the mic or push control for push to talk before you speak!

5. Your Sound Stinks:  OK so if your meeting and others are tough to hear, you can try to simple reset everyone’s sound or suggest to the person who you cannot hear, that they reset their sound.  Under the Extras menu just click on Reset Sound and it will reset you sound quickly in the forum


Now you know, so go be heard!