2 Talks at 2015 VW Best Practice in Education March 19 2015

3D ICC CEO, Julie LeMoine will present 2 talks at the upcoming Virtual World (VW) Best Practice in Education Conference this March.  On Thurs, March 19th Ms. LeMoine will present in OpenSIM on the topic of how Corporate L&D harness immersion for engaged learning and later on how immersive mico-gaming in Terf® has been used with doctors in clinical trials to foster more adherence to the clinical trial protocols.

The details of where and when are below with the talk abstracts.  If you cannot attend, the talks will be recorded and when available, the links to these talks will be provided.

Conf: Virtual World Best Practice in Education 2015

Talk 1: Immersion = Engagement in Corporate L&D

  • Time: Thursday, March 19, 2015 from 2 PM PDT
  • Track: Best Practices
  • Venue: OpenSIM

Talk Abstract:  A highly distributed workforce is the truth of Corporations, Organizations and Gov’ts today. This includes not just global offices but increasing work from home associates as well. This hybrid workforce has put the already underfunded corporate and organizational Learning and Development (L & D) organizations into a tough spot as they try to achieve high impact with tools such as global screen sharing and audio bridges. Just like the issues we see in early use of MOOC for our students, these organizations are suffering from similar issues in the attention management and focus areas. In this talk, the CEO of 3D ICC will present the 4 main ways these organizations are harnessing immersive training, the teaching/facilitator acclimation process for immersive training and several real customer use cases where training on 3D ICC’s Immersive Terf® has delivered on critical training goals.

Talk2: Doctors Learn via Immersive Games

  • Time: Thursday, March 19, 2015 from 4pm PDT
  • Track: Games and Simulations
  • Venue: OpenSIM

Talk Abstract: This talk will focus on a real use case in a corporate environment where Immersive Gaming was used to enhance and enforce learning of Doctors in the field of clinical drug discovery.  for years, Doctors running clinical trials learn the particular protocols to follow via “Death by PowerPoint.”  Often they are flown in from their location at great expense and bored silly by these meetings, sometimes skipping them.  Many feel they know the material already, but the top 5 issues, costing millions each year are due to lack of adherence to trial protocols.

Enter Terf® , an immersive virtual world designed for learning and teaming.  This talk will discuss a pilot program where Doctors globally learned to follow clinical trial protocols via immersive VW micro-games and micro-movies.  This talk will cover this use case and also call out insightful differences between consumer gaming and gaming for learning proposes.