3D ICC Adds Innovative CEO

Enterprise technology innovator, applied collaboration thought leader and serial entrepreneur, Julie LeMoine joins 3D ICC as CEO and founder. Julie left as head of Fidelity Investments Center for Applied Collaboration, where she had been a Qwaq and Teleplace customer for 5 years and has joined our team at 3D ICC as a founder.  “We are very excited about Julie coming on board at 3D ICC, ” said founder David A Smith.  “Julie’s decades as a technology innovator, collaboration expert, entrepreneur, and enterprise leader make her a perfect fit.  She brings to the team a deep focus on end user engagement, innovative use case delivery chops, and understands how to harness game dynamics for learning, teaming, working in education and the organization.  She has delivered innovation for 30 years to large Enterprise and Gov’t programs.  She understands these markets and their needs.  Our customers are the winners with this move.”  Read more of Julie’s background.