3D ICC CEO Speaks on Selling VR to the Enterprise at OpenSIM Community Conference 2014

3D ICC CEO Julie LeMoine put on a different avatar, not a Terf® body but one from OpenSIM to deliver a truthful presentation on the realities of selling virtual reality in the Enterprise Market.    Among the highlights of the talk was the clear outline of the main barriers to sales of VR into enterprises and blunt suggestion that all face the reality that ease of use and bottom line impact on areas such as increased productivity are far more critical to enterprise than “beauty.”  Her message there was not that the look of a location or avatar is not important, but that selling to enterprise is very different than to consumers and priorities need to reflect this.  Ms. LeMoine also discussed the topic of Heads Up Display (HUD) with Oculus and Google Cardboard on everyone’s mind these days, she discussed how this technology might enter the workplace in the near and far term.   A link to this presentation and the full talk are available on the Women in Virtual Reality Website at How to sell virtual reality to enterprise.

Ms. LeMoine also participated in an interesting panel on the topic of Women in VR lead by Maria Korolov.  She was joined by VR innovators Jackie Morie, Gwenette Sinclair, and Keren Zastudil.  Go to the Women in VR website to learn more about this panel and these innovative women.