Immersive Terf® GA from 3D ICC

3D ICC announces the initial GA release of the Immersive Terf®  or Terf®  platform, a platform based on the very latest SW from the Teleplace and upgraded with new feature and performance enhancements.   With this release, dubbed the “Enterprise Baseline” release reflects significant of dollars of investment by co-founders and adds:

·        IE browser client support,

·        Group Management and access control enhancements

·        Increased ease of location branding by end users

·        Enhanced end user “flow control”

·        Performance enhancements

·        New Python API services

·        Enhanced SSL/TLS support

·        Support for SAML 2.0 and AD for single sign on

·        End user auto-provisioning

·        And more…

3D ICC Head of Engineering, Ron Teitelbaum said “It is such a pleasure for our team to release this update.   Terf® is emerging out of the years at Qwaq and Teleplace as a heavy hitter for the future of Enterprise, Organizations and Education collaboration.  Our customers will be delighted and we are just getting started…”