Stanford PBL Lab continues to innovate in the A&C Industry with 3D ICC

Stanford’s famed PBL lab run by Dr. Renate Fruchter, innovator in the Architecture and Construction industry signs on with 3D ICC for use of our upgraded Teleplace technology.  Dr. Fructure’s lab creates virtual immersive BIM rooms for architecture and construction.

The Stanford PBL lab is pushing the envelope in the A&C industry with virtual global BIM based on 3D ICC’s collaborative environment in areas such as owner walk throughs of architectural models and A&D team collaboration.

“Dr. Renate has used our platform for many years in her labs; she has put it on touch panels and Smartboards, and constructed Virtual BIM rooms within our platform since around 2007 when we first appeared as Qwaq.  Her research and work has astounding results and continues to grow.   According to her work, the use of our platform for immersive teaming collaboration alone can save large A&C projects millions within just the first quarter’s use.” said 3D ICC CEO Julie LeMoine.  “It is exciting now to deliver the performance needed to make this a viable product for the industry, not just the vision of what is to come in a lab.”