Terf® is 508 Compliant!

VATerf® has achieved certification for use on unclassified systems/networks by the US VA, US Army and US Department of Labor (DoL) and is also 508 Certified by the US VA.

“We are proud of our 508 certification,” states CEO Julie LeMoine.  “This work and the work of adding support for JAWS and NVDA are serious undertakings but well worth the time and effort,” says LeMoine, “We are committed to this work and to support accessibility as much as possible in Terf®.  Immersive environments are not just visually immersive, they are far more than that, they have auditory immersion, behavioral immersion, and more.  We want to smash as many barriers we can for those with challenges with our Terf® and enable all to meet and learn globally…the whole team is very proud of this work…”

https://www.flickr.com/photos/daveynin/5882838988/in/photostream/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/This work took close to a full year to complete.  In order to meet 508 certification, Terf® was tested by experts in 508 compliance from the DoL and the VA and Army.  Terf® had to support more than one screen reader, which it does with its support of JAWS (#1 most well-known screen reader) and the free NVDA screen readers for the vision impaired.  Terf® added personal sounds that can be placed in various locations for additional support and creation for those with vision impairments.  This coupled with the fact that we can trigger applications to run and audio to play – triggers can be as simple as a user going past a certain point in a room or hitting a certain hot key… This means one can easily create locations that not only read to the end user, or launch an application like a word document and then have the screen reader read to the user, or even start a video, but also the vision impaired user can get audio direction and assistance based on their locations within Terf®.  Terf® also support hot key settings so users can map keys to our menu items and we also support different input devices from screen touch, keyboard, joystick mouse, to game controllers.   This final area mentioned is very important to our 508 compliance as are many other things they test.