Prof. Ulisses Araujo – University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

The University of Sao Paulo and the Virtual University of Sao Paulo have adopted Terf as a main platform for its innovative curriculum based on Problem and Project-Based Learning courses, understanding that its characteristics fits perfectly to use of active learning methods. The use of TERF for over 3.000 students simultaneously was a big challenge that was faced and overcome with the hard work of 3DICC which provided all the support and tools our team in Brazil needed. The use of TERF proved to be an excellent platform to transform and re-invent education accordingly to the needs of 21st century demands and TERF delivered an innovative blended virtual classroom in Portuguese to our many students. But most important of all, students loved it, and acknowledged the usability and easiness of access even in situations with low broadband available in many places in Brazil.