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  • Customer Service: VA 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Infinite Teams- Infinite Walls

  • 3,500 Students at Brazil’s First 100% Virtual University

  • Global Thinking – Terf® Global Glue

  • Urban Planning & Virtual BIM

  • Games Teach Doctors

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  • Military veterans are highly distributed
  • Veterans feel stigma about seeking help
  1. Coaches deliver health and wellness coaching to Veterans within the Terf platform
  2. Platform is private, secure, and can be accessed any time
  3. Virtual Collaboration is cost effective, allowing coaches to work with larger number of veterans
  4. Interactivity drives greater veteran engagement and increases outcomes


Terf® Delivers

Three Wire Systems harnesses 3D ICC’s Terf® platform to deliver learning, cybersecurity training, as well as health and wellness coaching to their end customers. 3D ICC’s Terf® is the platform enabling the following services for Three Wire Systems:




  • VCTThreeWire’s VetAdvisor® Virtual Collaboration Tool provides a private and secure platform for health and wellness coaching for military veterans and was awarded 1st Place in the Army Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge.
  • Three Wire’s VA for Vets Virtual Collaboration Workspace allows deployed military service members to invite coaches, supervisors and HR professionals to join them in their personalized virtual room to review and edit documents, work on whiteboards, take Web-based training and much more.
  • Three Wire developed the Army’s ACAP Virtual Center, or “vCenter” an immersive, three-dimensional, online environment where soldiers can receive all the transition and education services that they would normally
    receive at a bricks-and-mortar ACAP Center.
  • Three Wire has also developed a virtual training
    world for The Federal Cybersecurity Training Event