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  • Customer Service: VA 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Infinite Teams- Infinite Walls

  • 3,500 Students at Brazil’s First 100% Virtual University

  • Global Thinking – Terf’s Global Glue

  • Urban Planning & Virtual BIM

  • Games Teach Doctors

Training Doctors World-Wide

Goal: Reduce top 5 issues in medical clinical trials

img11The Dilemma

  • Doctor errors are costing millions, customer wants to change behaviors
  • Current training was boring
  • Doctors feel they know it all already
  • The top 5 issues create over 40% percentage of issues for over a decade


img12In less than 5 months: Terf and 3D ICC consulting delivered a training game, that is:

  • Fun & playable in 20 mins
  • Active learning, Doctors engage
  • Contextually similar setting designed to help Doctor remember learnings during their real work day

img13What 3D ICC Delivered

  •  Tailored training content script
  •   Virtual Training Environment with game flow
  •  2 micro-games
  •  6 mico-movies