Terf® becomes easy to use within the first 15 mins for new users, just about the same amount of time it takes to nod off during a basic screen sharepresentation. Terf® best’s todays screen sharing and the use of game engines on their own. Here’s how…

Collaboration Features (out of the box) Screen Share (e.g., WebEx, Adobe, Skype) 3D Game Engine (e.g., Unity) Immersive Terf®
Screen Share/Web Conferencing
Live video & Sound
Chat (private & multi-point)
Whiteboards, sticky notes, easy image / document uploads…
Mouse & keyboard on any Application(Microsoft Office Suite, Browser, 3rd Party)
Shared streaming (e.g., MP4) videos Shared web browsing
15 min learning curve – touch, click, drag, drop
Meeting management tools LMS Support for pathed learning
VR Telepresence – tie physical & virtual rooms
Enterprise Scale & Security (Provisioning, SAML/AD, transport encryption
Persistence; modifiable – use sync & async use for global teams “single place for truth”
Engaging immersive 3D & 2D UX (reduce attention management issues)
Modifiable experience – dynamic, non-compiled, no code changes, can take live (sensor) data
Work / Learn in your own modelsDrag & drop model imports – all major formats
Instant & infinite team space100s of templates build by collaboration experts
Rapid mirco-game creation via Python APILearning games can reduce complacent learners
US Gov’t 508 Certified – JAWS, NVDA for Vision Impaired