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Team/Meeting Spaces – Re-imagined and…. Rolling!

Cost Effective – Rolling Virtual Team Room

So… if I told you there was a simple way to increased engagement and enabled far better communication for every single team or meeting that was really cost effective, you’d be interested, right?

As global business continues to push your employees, partners and customers across the globe from each other and margins seem to shrink, using immersive locations is becoming an extremely practical way to create team or meeting space that is actually needed as well as saves money.

Let’s consider 3 truthful factors confronting our meeting needy (people):

1.      Physical rooms are limited and costly

  • Physical rooms, even when you can co-locate the meeting needy, are limited and building new is so costly.

2.      The Location of global workers is… ummm … nasty, messy, … hybrid

  • Today’s teams, customers, partners, teachers, students, advisors, coaches, service providers…. are actually out there in little and big clumps…in groups of 2-3 people in one office, 3 in another office, another 4 in another office and then 5 or so working from home or on the road, etc., etc.
  • And…not everyone lives within driving distance to some physical meeting room with video set ups

3.      Most of these meeting needy are not Execs.

  • You don’t get that spend what whatever it takes on these folks, but we all know, these people make your business.  So making them more productive…that is important!

You know this is all true!

OK to what you were promised — Low effort – high impact; high touch – low cost.

This technique is surprisingly simple and achievable; no construction required!

Let’s call it the Rolling Team Rooms.    And, you can build it 5 easy steps:


Create an immersive rolling kiosk for locations where you have 1 or more “clump” of folks working together that are co-located.  This is an easy recipe of 5 HW ingredients + the collaboration SW.  Here is the Hardware spelled out with approximate costs of each part.

  • The USB camera is a must, not a camera built into the laptop; you’re going to pop it on the top of the touch monitor in the end so a group of folks can be seen.
  • And I know you can buy a cheaper laptop but this is 3D so go for a GPU please, it is going to be a shared resource!


For your meeting needy  at home office or on the road, make sure they have cameras and headsets with their laptops (again Apple or PC, save that war for anyone who cares!)

  • Again, use cameras USB not within the laptop whenever possible, they can really do great things for your meetings if someone can pick it up and move it around


License immersive collaboration software – ( you know… like Terf™ 😉

  • This is low cost, users are between $15 and $30 a month usually per person, plus server cost based on scale.


Set up the virtual rooms by the topic, or the Team or the Activity or in general, or whatever you need to go with your 1 or more teams, groups, meetings and away you go.

  • This may sound tricky but thanks to a decade of creating work room templates, it takes about 20-30 seconds – try that with a real digger and dozer.


Get everyone 30 mins of training – Don’t be foolish here, using these tools is easy but 30 mins will save you 100s over all.  Make it happen.

This is not simplistic, this is all there is to it.

We know it is hard in big companies to get equipment and SW, even harder to get permission but this will save you $ and increase your productivity, coordination, engagement.  Think of the cost of 1 trip or 1 day saved on a delivery… think about those costs.  This $5K solution per location with remote users included probably costs less than that 1 trip or 1 day.

If you’re the boss, make it happen, if you’re the worker start a pilot, get some attention.


Immersive Team Spaces offer affordable and engaging locations with live HD Video Quality plus all forms of online Collaboration.  It is super useful and flexible, this rolling unit, and the quality of video – that is up to your bandwidth, this immersive SW can go HD if your network can take it.

And, don’t forget, teams can share it, roll it in and out of locations, down halls, up elevators.  Don’t build rooms, use carts and the right SW!  This image, she is talking to the folks in the various physical and virtual rooms.

So, now you can afford that Telepresence for your teams, and not just Execs too!

In coming blogs we will dive deeper into the benefits of immersive collaboration for real business and real education.  Such as increased engagement, better performance, more satisfaction, enjoyment, infinite wall, the social bump factors, faster trust model establishment, etc.

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