Millions of Mins., 1000s of users

New Years, a good time to be excited about the future of a company like ours!  We are.  However,…before we move to that, let’s take stock of what we did with our amazing customers in 2013.

Our Beta release brought changes; frankly we are still thrilled with,

  • Browser client – Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari
  • Performance tuning in so many ways we can’t list them
  • Apple echo cancellation finally and drag & drop works again
  • Better Office Suite support and Native Office support with RDP
  • 508 compliance from the VA – we support the JAWS and NVDA screen readers now for the vision impaired and blind – that was tough, we are proud!
  • Hot keys
  • Personal sounds
  • New room templates for everyone, business meeting, gathering, training, lots and they come out of the box for you
  • More out of the box apps for you: Ring for Service, Click a sign or object and move objects and/or live users on well defined paths and others – these are no code required to put them in place
  • New avatar capabilities and updated help menus
  • And more..

We had to get thru lots of stability stuff last year and we are commercial grade now.  Our features and our performance and our hardening, were all worth the work.  We added great minds to our team, and they had everything to do with this list of improvements above.  It was a tough year, not without its issues for all businesses including ours.  We worked tirelessly here to improve.  It is complex to make this stuff simple for our users.

But, if you ask me or Ron (Head of Eng.) what we are proudest of, we’d say our customers and their usage.  Our new and ongoing customers have continued and added really cool harnesses.   In 2013 we had 10s of 1000s of users and we have a number of customers who have even clocked more than 2 to 3 million user mins on their Terf™

We are thankful to you our awesome customers.  This year, 2014, it should knock your socks off from us.  But, 2013 was no stinka!  (that is Boston for stinker 😉