7 Ways to Move Me

There are 7 ways to move inside Terf or OpenQwaq, here they are in a nutshell

1. Arrow Keys – Move with your keyboard arrow keys

2. Right Panel – Move via the right side people/landmark panel

Get to a person: right mouse on their name and select go with, go to, turn to…

Get to a location: click the name of the movie, landmark, artifact in the list

3. Upside down triangles – hover your mouse over objects, if you see a yellow triangle, click it and you’ll get instantly moved to a 20/20 view of that artifact

4. Click on people – right mouse on another user and you will be able to go to them, with them, turn to them, or private text them

5. Clickable thangs! – That’s right, if your creative team is good, they will create things like click able signs and those signs will carry you off to the destination they promise


R U A Gamer? If so, the next 2 R 4 U 🙂

6.  ASWD  – you geek, instead of your arrow keys and QE keys to slide left and right

7. Mouse Moves – use right mouse and put it in the world someplace, notice the light gray cross hair in the dead center of your client and the light gray little circle?  Move that circle around relative to the cross hair while you hold down right mouse.  You will go faster the farther away from the center you place that little circle.  (try this non-gamers, its fun)

Now you know so MOVE IT!

Of course there are other ways to move, like thru portal doors or via the forum menu selections but these 7 should get you movin’ and we’ll cover more creating flow and more adv. movement later