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The Connection is not Virtual

ConnectOver the years I’ve worked with a lot of people in virtual spaces.  I count myself lucky to have a job that allows me to spend so much time on software that is as fun as Immersive Terf™.  We like to say that we are all business but what exactly does that mean?

Virtual spaces need to provide enough value to warrant the investment in time and money.  We do a lot to lower your costs.  We make our licenses very affordable and make the software very easy to use and learn.  The company also make customizing your space for your own needs easy to do.

The last part, customize-able spaces is really important.  In my experience this is where people build real connections.  I can tell when a team is really starting to gel.  It is the time when questions about how to do something in the space start to flow.  I really love these questions.  Our system has been used by many different types of groups and we have spent millions of dollars developing the system.  Most of the time when the question comes in, “Can I do this?” the answer is “YES”.

Co-workers move into our virtual spaces.  They organize, they modify, they customize, just like you might if you had your own office.  I hang pictures, change the rug, add some furniture.  I want a nicer desk or a fish tank.  It can be very fun.  Just as important I have work spaces.  I need to bring different systems together, make a command center, or get people throwing up ideas onto a wall.  I need to have the ability to co-create, review, look at any type of system.  The flexibility we provide to customize your space is not an optional feature.  It IS the system.  It’s what allows people to build a connection with others as they create, and to build a connection with the software as it responds to their real needs.

We provide real value by providing you the tools you need to be creative, to get real work done, to make business fun, productive, and efficient.  Business benefits from engaged employees. People want to work with other people, but the people they need to work with are not always in the next cube.  We know that even workers on a different floor do not connect as well as people on the same floor.  Distance is costly.  Virtual spaces create real spaces that bridge the connection gap.

One of the reasons our software is so good is that we use it too.  Some of my closest friends are people that I have only met a few times.  It is possible to build real connections and do real work in a virtual space.

Ron Teitelbaum * Head of Engineering * 3d ICC

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