So, you want to make a movie?

Terf® provides a very easy to use session recording capability.

To attend meetings/classes and record them as well in Terf®, you must have a strong network connection and a good computer with good graphics capabilities.    Not all users will have the permissions to use Record Session.  If you do not see this capability under the Actions menu (see below), you don’t have that permission.

For most users, once Record Session is selected, it is critical to set Quality to Normal (see below)

Select the camera position (see below) – if you want to film whatever you see, then make your avatar the camera, but many choose to set up a specific landmark for the filming.  Setting up landmarks is under the Actions menu as well.

Now, click record and reduce the recording box by clicking the top of the box.  You and the other users in the room will know they are being recorded by the red circle in the upper right corner (see below).

If you want to close the small recording control window completely, you can, just hit the x in the corner of the little floating control recording window.  When you want to open it again, click the red recording indicator dot upper left.

Recording sessions cannot cross from one room to another.  You must stop recording and save the recording and start a new one in the new room if you need to move to a different room.  Or, use some other outside of Terf® filming tool, like Camtasia.

If you are recording and leave a forum or room to go to another room and don’t remember to stop recording and put the recording on a shelf or panel, Terf® will save it for you and the next time you enter that room, it will be floating there for you.

When you are ready to stop recording, hit the Stop button on the recording box.  Then wait a moment, let the video create itself properly.  Once the movie card shows up near your avatars head, you can close the recording window with the red x in the upper corner (see below)

This part is important – put your mouse on the movie card that shows up and drag it to a display panel or a shelf.

Once you put the movie card on the shelf or display panel you can right mouse on the card, you may want to

  • Copy it to your inventory in Terf®
  • Pick it Up so you can carry it to some other location or panel in the forum
  • Delete it
  • Just drag it by clicking on it to move it from a book case to a panel
  • Save local copy to save it to your desktop outside of Terf®

Movies are named with the date and time stamp.  Not the most fun as a name but it does keep it clearly labeled for when it was recorded.

If you need to collect a set of movies to move to a different room, such as a resource library, you can right mouse on the movies you want, select copy to inventory and the movies will show up in your My Inventory area under your Object Catalog.   To see what is in your object catalog, use the toggle at the bottom of the window (it looks like a ruler, see below).

If you lose a movie, get in touch with your Terf® admin.  They may be able to find the movies for you.

Remember, don’t film using the Terf® tools if you can film with a 3rd party filming tool, it will save bandwidth, and don’t film in Terf® if you have a bad network connection or low end computer.  Other than that, happy film making!