Sound Regions

Sound regions within a larger room are really useful, sometimes critical for immersive gatherings.  These are areas with in a larger area where sound in muffeled.  Users who are not within the sound region will either not hear the users within the sound region or their sound will be reduced.  Our Immersive Terf customers use this for breakout areas, topic corners, behind a stage, …and in all kinds of team or social gatherings.

Making them is an advanced trick.  But once you see how simple it is, you will be using them like a pro.  here is how you do it:

  1. Drag in an object like a box from inventory (obj catalog)
  2. Resize it using the x: y: dimensions, DO NOT resize using the scale of the cube
  3. Open the scene inspector and right click on the cube and make it a sound region
  4. Adjust with in the cube’s properties the desired attenuation.  Fore example 1 will mean that no one outside the region can hear anyone inside the region
  5. Finally, when you are sure the region is the right size, etc. right mouse on it and select the materials dialog (or get to the  materials log via the scene inspector).  Once you get the materials dialog, right mouse on the material showing at the top and pick textures.  Once the textures menu comes up, slide the transparency bar all the way down to zero to make it invisible

Helpful don’ts :

  • Don’t make this cube invisible via the properties dialog (visible is unchecked).   That property makes the system think the box does not exist and will make your sound region nonexistent too.
  • Don’t make the cube transparent until everything else is done, it is really tough to find objects that are transparent.

And, yes you can have more than 1 sound region in a forum/room/complex.